Working on matchdays

Parking for media representatives

  • Media representatives should park in the separate P2 section in front of the main stadium entrace. You can usually access the car park via the entrance on Friedrich-Eber-Straße. Please note that there may be diversions in place.

    You can request a parking permit during your accreditation application.

    Parking permits are issued digitally via email. They are non-transferable and are only valid once.


Internet access on matchdays

  • In the press box and in the media areas, you will have access to a matchday-specific WiFi connection. The log-in details change each matchday and can be found at the media entrance.

    Every workspace in the press box has access to a LAN port. Should you have any additional technical requirements, please let us know.

Media entrance and media area

  • The media entrance is on the right of the main entrance to the Red Bull Arena (on "Am Sportforum").

    The media area is open from 2 hours before kick-off and for 1.5 hours after the game. Free WiFi is available throughout the media area.

Press box

  • You can access the press box (level 5) via the lift next to the media workspace. Follow the signs to the seat listed on your accreditation. Please ensure that you only occupy the seat you have been allocated.

Mixed Zone

  • The Mixed Zone is next to the pitch underneath sector A. You can access the Mixed Zone from the press box via the lift (level 1), then follow the signs. Access is only possible with accreditation for zone 4. 


  • The post-match press conference generally begins approximately 15 to 20 minutes after the game. The press-conference room is located directly adjacent to the media workspace. You can access it from the press box via the lift to the media area on level 1.