RB Leipzig's Sports Director talks about the squad for the 2024/25 season, Marco Rose's contract extension, and plenty more.

Xavi, Transfers, the Under 23... Rouven Schröder Shares His Thoughts

RB Leipzig's Sports Director talks about the squad for the 2024/25 season, Marco Rose's contract extension, and plenty more.

Interview with Rouven Schröder!

Here is what the RBL Sports Director had to stay about Xavi, Dani Olmo and other figures. Also, Rouven Schröder discusses a potential Under 23 team for the Red Bulls, Marco Rose, and other topics.

Benjamin Sesko extended his contract ahead of time

Rouven Schröder on...

... Marco Rose

  • "It was primordial to clear up Marco's next steps with us. We were holding positive talks for a while and had the impression early on that we could land on an agreement regarding his contract before the new season started. Marco Rose represents RB Leipzig's values and exemplifies our philosophy. We're really happy and proud that we could agree on a two-year deal with him and tat he'll be around until 2026.“


... Benjamin Sesko

  • "Benji has shown fantastic growth throughout his first season. That obviously caught our attention. That's why we're incredibly happy to set a clear path for him with us. It's important to mention that the financial factors were not the decisive factor for his decision.

    At RB Leipzig we're still operating with restrain and coherence when it comes to our pay range. Benji made his decision basing himself on the football perspectives, the acknowledgement he receives, and the peace that he has here at Leipzig. His contract extension sends a message about Leipzig as a place and the club."
Rouven Schröder ist seit April 2023 Sportdirektor bei RB Leipzig.

Rouven Schröder on...

... Assane Ouedraogo

  • "We were in talks with him for a good amount of time, we remained persistent and glad that we could assert ourselves against well-known competition. Assane is a great guy, he's just 18 years old and has an enormous amount of potential. He is part of our Senior Squad planning. Loaning him out isn't something we're interested in exploring.

    We didn't sign him just to immediately think where we could send him next. Assane has an impressive size, he's strong-bodied and technically gifted. We'll let him have the time he requires to settle in, firstly. But we're convinced that Assane and RB Leipzig will work well together.“

... Xavi

  • "We are keen on giving it all it takes and is in our means to keep him. In spite of the heavy competition, we are convinced we also have a shot. His entire last season speaks highly of why we would want him to stay.

    When a player comes to play at a new league, with a different language, and is able to have an impact so quickly, as well as to identify with his new station, you have to come to the conclusion that he feels great here.

    Xavi can be Xavi in Leipzig. As a "star" that receives so much attention, he can still live his everyday life and that is worth plenty."
Xavi spielte eine starke Saison für die Roten Bullen.
Xavi can be Xavi in Leipzig
Rouven Schröder

Rouven Schröder on...

... Dani Olmo

  • "We wish for as much play time as possible for Dani Olmo during the Euro 2024, where he can have good performances. He picked up a knock before the tournament began and his fellow attacking teammates are also skillful, with great qualities to them, making it understandable why he hasn't seen much action so far. But, if Spain keep playing this way, the tournament could go their way. Dani will get his moment to shine, I'm sure."

... Christoph Baumgartner

  • "Baumi is a great guy and is quite happy here in Leipzig. He mentions it himself when we speak. He's had great moments on the pitch, he has a good success rate (5 goals, 3 assists). It's normal to need a bit of time to adjust during your first year after signing with a new team. We've experienced it previously with other players in the past. Several players have then exploded in their second year. He's working hard on himself, which speaks volumes about him. We're pleased with him."
That doesn't mean we're resting in our laurels
Rouven Schröder

Rouven Schröder on...

... the UEFA EURO 2024

  • "We've already seen most teams perform during their first games. It's still too early to give a full analysis of them, their tactics or footballing qualities of the tournament, though. You can see Germany is fit to be one of the better host nations of the tournament. The infrastructure is good, the stadiums are full, and the fans cheerful. Plenty of countries are well supported with their own fan groups. It's been fun watching the matches and live the atmosphere.

    The games have mostly been close, plenty of teams showing their highest level. I think it's an open Euro with plenty of candidates to be the last one standing. And of course, it's great that 11 RB Leipzig players are representing us in this great football tournament.

... the squad build-up

  • "We're quite further along the process and have already covered several things. We're following a well-thought plan, are well stocked, and ready. That's comforting. But, the fact that we're in a good position doesn't mean we're resting in our laurels!

    Now we have to keep our eyes peeled, sort things out, have plenty of conversations and meetings. But we're entirely underway and have a couple of things still ahead. Something that has been great is we're doing things at our pace, without background noise. Some people would even be surprised with how this is going.“


... a potential Under 23 team at RBL 

  • "Currently, it isn't an option for us. We welcome the decision that newly formed Under 23 teams can take part in the Landesliga (6th Division) in Saxony. But the leap between a professional team and an Under 19 Bundesligs squad is still too big. This is one of the main reasons why the decision was made. Therefore we can rule out that we'll register an Under 23 team in the next two or three seasons."

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