Xavi plays with the Netherlands National Team in the UEFA Euro 2024.

My Game for My Country - with Xavi

The Dutch National Player on Interview

Xavi is qualified to the Round of 16 of the UEFA EURO 2024 with the Netherlands. 

The thoughts of the attacking player on the Dutch National Team and how views the European Championship in Germany, is to be found in My Game for My Country - the Euro's Interview Series.

The Dutch national team, what makes them special? Of course, in the past, you had some really important players like Cruyff and others, and also the phase afterwards with Rijkaard and all those famous names. What is the national team like right now?

  • "I would say the history is really good. We had really good players with quality, then we had some years that were not as good. But I think after 2018 and 2019, we have had a really good group until now. We have really good quality players at the highest level of football and in the best teams in the world. We also have an experienced coach who knows what he is doing."

Is this old philosophy of Dutch football, popularized by Cruyff, still something a 20-year-old like you identifies with? Do you actually have a new philosophy, or does the old one still influences the national team?

  • "For the Netherlands, obviously, Johan Cruyff is not just a normal guy; he is a big, big name, especially in my country. His philosophy will stay forever, I think. But with the philosophy in modern football, it's a mix of everything. What I can say is that we are ready for the Euros, and we hope to have a good tournament."

Everything else Xavi had to say can be found in the video.

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