The new RB Leipzig ticket app

Match tickets to games at the Red Bull Arena will be digital-only from now on and available in the new RBL Ticket app.

A digital match ticket! From now on, all our fixtures at the Red Bull Arena will be ticketed digitally, and only on the new RBL Ticket app. You can download the app using the links below: 

Please note:

This is a separate new app, not the RBL Club app. The RBL ticket app is only used to manage* your purchased tickets. The ticket purchase takes place exclusively in the online ticket shop.

*Personalisation/forwarding of tickets.


After you have purchased your tickets for the match, the tickets will only be visible in the RBL Ticket App from Friday (15th July), so don't be surprised if tickets bought leading up to the match are not immediately visible in the app.

Please also make sure that your RBL ticket app is up to date. We have noticed that many fans are still using an outdated version of the RBL app. Unfortunately, these versions may have limited functionality.

Please update your app if required. You can do this simply and easily via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Huawei users can update the app here

Specific cases: 
If your RBL ticket app is running a software version below 3.9.3, the app must first be completely uninstalled and then reinstalled via the respective store. 

This is unfortunately necessary as the outdated versions of the app can no longer be updated.  We are constantly working on improvements to our RBL ticket app. Therefore, please check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store regularly to see if an update is available.


All tickets will be issued digitally and only on the RBL ticket app. The QR code of the respective ticket will be activated on the app 24 hours ahead of kick-off.

It’s best to load your ticket at home on match day before heading to the stadium in order to avoid a delay at the entrance when opening up the app.


All tickets must be assigned to the respective ticket holder in the RBL app. Only then will the QR code on the ticket become visible to be scanned at the entrance. 

Please note:
Each ticket may only be used on match day by the person whose name is on the ticket. We may check ID documents alongside the tickets, so please carry a valid form of ID that contains a photograph.


You can find the RBL Ticket app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 

Please download the app from the store on your phone or tablet. If you have an Android device that doesn't have access to the Google Play Store, you can download the RBL Ticket App as an .apk file here.


In order to use the app, you will need to register for the app using the same details that you use for your RBLogin.

However, it is not possible to link the Ticket app with your RBLogin – you will need to register with the new app separately. To use the app, you will also need to accept the terms and conditions of the tickets (ATGB), as well as the data protection statement.

You will have a more enjoyable user experience if you allow the app to use your contacts and Bluetooth functions. It is possible to change the app’s permissions later on.

Please note that passwords must be at least 8 characters long and consist of both upper and lower case letters and include at least one special character.


After you register with the app, the email account you registered with will be sent a 6-digit verification code. Please enter the code to verify your account.


Now, please enter your name, date of birth, address and phone number to complete your profile. The fields marked with * are mandatory.


The purchase of tickets takes place on our online ticket shop, and NOT on the RBL Ticket app – the app serves only to store your tickets digitally.

If you have not bought a ticket in the online ticket shop, you will be shown the following message:

Once you have bought a ticket in the online shop, it will automatically be shown in the RBL Ticket app a few minutes later.

Please note that the ticket will only appear automatically in the app if you have registered for the app using the same email address as your RBLogin.


You can find all your bought tickets in the app under “My Tickets”. If you have bought several tickets for a single game, you can display them as shown below.

If you scroll down on a ticket, you will find further information (such as match, address, discount, area, block, row, seat number, entry information and ticket holder).


Important: Every ticket must be personalised to the person who will be using it on matchday.

You can personalise your purchased ticket by clicking on the "Personalise ticket" button. Then select the button "to me". Your profile data will be assigned to the ticket and the ticket will be personalised to you.

You can use the "Assign to another guest" button to personalise the ticket for your companion (e.g. a family member) who is going to the stadium with you.

If you want to forward your ticket to another person, use the button "Forward ticket". The detailed description of how to forward a ticket can be found in step 8.

Alternatively, you can carry out the steps described above using the three dots at the bottom right of the screen. 


If you want to transfer your tickets, click the three dots and choose the email address you want to send the ticket to. Then you can send the ticket you want to transfer.

The recipient of the ticket will then receive an email and will need to download and register for the RBL Ticket app if they haven’t already. Otherwise, it is not possible to use the forwarded ticket.

Ticket forwarding to an incorrect e-mail address: 

You can still cancel the forwarding of your ticket. To do so, go to the main menu and select the button "Ticket forwarding". A selection menu will open. Under "Pending" you can cancel the ticket transfer. Confirm with "YES" to cancel the ticket forwarding.

Please note: a transfer cancellation is only possible if the ticket has not yet been accepted by the recipient.

Returning a transferred ticket:

If your companion is unable to attend the match and you have already forwarded the ticket, you can return the transferred ticket if it has not yet been personalised. To do this, use the "Return transferred ticket" button. Confirm the action with "YES".

Using the ticket: 

You can use the small QR code to enter the stadium. It will only be visible 24 hours before the start of the match and once you have personalised the respective ticket.


Your ticket is also valid as a public transport ticket within the Leipzig area, to get you to and from the stadium. It is valid for four hours before and after the game.

Updating the RBL-Ticket-App:

We are constantly working to improve the ticket app. If you see the message below, please update your ticket app to use all features.

Deleting your account:

If you want to delete your account, you will find the button "Delete account" under "My profile". Press "DELETE" to continue.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all content* will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

* Tickets associated with your profile and personal data collected by the RB Leipzig and TIXNGO secure mobile ticket exchanges.