Founding a fan club / OFC status

Founding a fan club

If you would like to form a fan club, we can gladly support you in doing that. Please send an email to our fan ambassadors ( and they will be able to provide plenty of information and useful tips.

Receiving OFC status

OFC status is special recognition of an official fan club. If your fan club has been in place for an especially long time or has been particularly engaged in the fan community, then you can apply for OFC status.

Our fan ambassadors will decide whether a fan club will receive OFC status. With OFC status, you have access to certain priveleges, such as benefits when purchasing tickets. You can receive information about becoming an official fan club in the form of an OFC agreement by contacting our fan ambassadors. 

The following conditions must also be met to receive OFC status:

  • Attenfance at OFC meetings with club official and players four times per year is mandatory.
  • Your OFC must have a minimum of 15 members.

You can see a list of our official fan clubs here.

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