Lena Güldenpfennig has been part of the RB Leipzig eSports team since 2020.

Lena Güldenpfennig

Like Umut and Anders, Lena has been part of the RBLZ Gaming roster since 2020. Her time in Leipzig has also been marked by successes. In 2022 and 2023, Lena won the VBL Club Championship with RBLZ. Her debut in the RBLZ jersey during the 2021/22 season also caused a stir, as she became the first woman in the history of the Virtual Federal League to play in an official match.

But Lena's success extends beyond the VBL. She won the ShEsports Cup in the summer of 2022, an event exclusively for women that has been held since 2021. She also emerged victorious with Team Germany in the digital equivalent of the Women's European Championship. Lena is not only active on the virtual football field but also plays real football at a high level. She played for RB Leipzig's U23 team in the Regional League Northeast for several years and now plays for SV Eintracht Leipzig-Süd in the National League.

Lena has gone down in history as the first woman to play in the VBL Club Championship.

About Lena

  • Birthday: 05 June, 2001
  • Place of birth: Halle (Saale)
  • Favorite card in Ultimate Team: Kylian Mbappé

Biggest successes

  • 2022: First woman in history to compete in the VBL Club Championship
  • 2022: German Club Champion (VBL Club Championship)
  • 2022: Winner of the ShEsports Cup Euro Edition
  • 2023: German Club Champion (VBL Club Championship)
  • 2024: 2nd place German Club Championship (VBL Club Championship)
Lena Güldenpfennig is one of the best women in EA FC.

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Lena "RBLZ_Lena" Güldenpfennig

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