Hamed has been part of RBLZ Gaming as a content creator since 2022.


Since 2022, Hamed has been part of the RBLZ Gaming team as a content creator. With 2 million followers across platforms, he's one of the most successful creators in the German-speaking scene. In 2023, Hamed was awarded "Upcoming Streamer of the Year," and in 2024, he was promptly nominated for "Gamer of the Year".

But at RBLZ, Hamed is not just a creator. As a full-fledged team member, he also supports our team as an on-site motivator at competitions. Among other events, he was right there at the 2023 FIFA World Cup final in Qatar when RBLZ Gaming crowned themselves Club World Champions and brought the next big title to Leipzig.

About Hamed

  • Birthday: April 6, 2000
  • Place of birth: Paderborn
  • Favorite card in Ultimate Team: Neymar

Biggest Successes

  • 2023: Upcoming Streamer of the Year
  • 2024: Nomination in the “Gamer of the Year” category

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